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Players get up to 20% cashback on every deposit in 1Red!

Even with deposits closer to minimum, you’re still guaranteed to get at least 5% cashback.

And when you make bigger deposits, your cashback rate goes all the way up to 20%!

It’s really simple: make a deposit today, and tomorrow the cashback will be credited to you!

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1Red proudly presents its unique loyalty program.

In our casino, your status in the program determines your maximum cashback level.

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Various promotions are an excellent method for casinos to attract gamblers. It’s an effective way of finding new clients since many players are after freebies and profitable offers.

However, there are a few things that new players should know about online casino promotions. In fact, they need to understand what types of bonuses exist and how to benefit from them.

Bonus Types

When players search for a new gambling platform, they are often interested in the bonuses they can get. Actually, there are several main types of promotions that online casinos usually offer. Before you decide on a casino to join, it is advisable to find out what the difference between their promos is and what offers have the best terms.

In this guide, the 1Red casino team has explained the principle of bonus work, the difference between promotions, and the main points in their conditions. In addition, you will find detailed information on the 1Red bonuses and promotions.

To start with, let’s find out what offers you can get from online casinos.

A First Deposit bonus, also known as the Welcome offer, is a promotion that can be activated when you sign up in a casino. It is frequently indicated in the form of a percentage. When you replenish your account for the first time, a certain part is given to you as additional cash.

For example, you deposit €100 and claim a 100% match bonus. It means that you will get €100 on your balance as the result of your payment and €100 more as a bonus. All in all, you will have €200 to gamble.

A Welcome Pack usually includes several deposit bonuses. For instance, it may be provided for the first three deposits that you make in a casino.

A No Deposit bonus is automatically credited to players after registration. In general, it is a small amount that is given even before you replenish your account balance. In most cases, it doesn't require promo codes. However, it still has a wager. Nowadays, casinos rarely offer this type of bonus.

A Reload bonus is offered regularly, usually once a week. It may provide free spins or add some percentage of your deposit to your account balance as bonus cash.

Cashback is a regular promotion which returns a part of your deposits to you.

A Sticky bonus may seem to be similar to the first deposit one at first glance. Some players even think that it is more beneficial since the percentages are bigger. While a non-sticky promo may add 100% of your deposit as bonus cash, this one may provide you with a 200% match.

However, you will find the true difference when claiming a withdrawal. The Sticky money is literally “stuck” to your casino balance and belongs to the casino. It is never paid out. When the cash-out is approved, this sum goes back to the house. Non-sticky bonuses are paid out in full after wagering requirements are met.

The Free Spins promo actually provides you with free spins. If it goes as a welcome or a personalized bonus, the number of rotations isn’t really big usually. Free spins may also be a part of the first deposit or another offer.

Important Recommendations

New players are sometimes skeptical about casino bonuses. They claim, “Free cheese only comes in mousetraps.” They are wary of activating special offers and try to find out what trick is hidden behind them.

Unfortunately, their suspicions are well-founded. Unscrupulous online casinos leave loopholes in terms and conditions so that they don’t need to give bonuses and winnings to players. In some cases, they indicate crucial information somewhere at the end of the Bonus Terms page and never duplicate it anywhere.

However, gamblers cannot put all the blame on the casinos. If the information is written indeed, it is their responsibility to study the nuances. Please note that getting acquainted with the rules will take several minutes and rid you of disappointment in the future.

In some situations, new casino clients are not familiar with some terms like a wager. If it is not explained somehow, a misunderstanding might occur. It is strongly recommended that players contact customer support to clear up the details in this case.

Besides, even if all the conditions are listed clearly, some players can be inattentive and miss an important detail. For example, they forget about the bonus code and make their deposit. Then they claim the welcome bonus, although it has already become unavailable.

A situation of this kind is unpleasant for both sides. The house will be right, but the client will feel they have been cheated.

Our team tries to prevent such situations and solve them beforehand. The detailed conditions of all our promotions are written on the Bonus Terms and Conditions page under the corresponding titles. You can find the necessary links attached to every bonus description in the Promotions tab.

Moreover, we are going to explain to you all the nuances you should consider when using a bonus. Thus, you will be able to activate and take advantage of any casino offer. Furthermore, we will tell you all the details of our own promotions.

So, there are several points that you should pay attention to.

Activation terms

To start with, don’t miss any terms that you must meet to get a bonus and actually profit from it. The first thing you need to know is the situation in which you can activate a freebie. Some of them are credited on a certain deposit, while others are available on particular days.

Besides, check the information on the minimum deposit to claim an offer since it may differ from the usual minimum limit on the website.

Finally, find out if a promo code is needed. It may be indicated on the Promotions page, in the Bonus terms text, in a notification, or in an email. Every freebie is activated with its own coupon code.


The wager is the most essential condition and, at the same time, the least clear one for new players. In general, all bonuses have wagering requirements. If a player doesn’t fully meet them, they may have a problem with funds withdrawal.

So, let’s figure out what a wager actually is and how you can fulfill this requirement.

To start with, we would like to explain why online casinos impose restrictions and terms on bonuses. Gambling houses are establishments where the real money is bet, lost, and won. Accordingly, promotions also provide gamblers with cash that can be withdrawn and added to their e-wallet or bank balance. When online gambling platforms just appeared, some players came there to get bonuses, claim a cash-out, and disappear.

Naturally, gambling houses couldn’t let it go. They took a measure to make gamblers bet before getting real money. It is this measure that is called a wager. Casino clients who come to spin the reels might play a bonus through without even noticing it, while bonus hunters will be disappointed.

Gamblers are wary about fraud when they bet their funds, but casinos don’t want to be cheated either.

The playthrough, as the wager is sometimes called, is a multiplier that indicates how much you need to bet to claim a payout of bonus funds.

For instance, you insert a promo code, claim a 100% bonus, and deposit €100. The bonus cash amount of €100 is credited to you. However, you cannot just withdraw it. You can play with it.

And when the full sum of stakes reaches the necessary amount, this bonus will become available for a payout. Let’s assume the wagering requirement is x30. Then, when you bet €3,000 in total, your additional cash will be played through.

Please keep in mind that different games don’t have the same contribution to wagering. Slots are the best option in this regard, and live casino games are useless to play in most cases.

In addition, there is usually an upper limit on bets while playing through. This restriction often applies to doubling bets and bonus rounds as well. In most cases, the maximum stake is about €1 or €5. Therefore, if you need to wager €10 three times and decide to bet €30 at a time, your promo cash won’t be played through.

Thus, online casinos make sure that gamblers come to play and relax and don’t hunt for bonuses.


Validity is a criterion that you should keep in mind when activating a bonus. Every promotion has its period of duration. If customers come to a clothing store after a discount offer is over, they have to pay the full cost of their purchase. The same is true for casino offers.

After a bonus is received, it frequently remains inactive. Players have from three to seven days to activate it on average. After a promo becomes active, several days, a week usually, are given to play it through. So, you should keep in mind that there are two time limits.

Maybe, it is better to claim promotions when you have enough time to start playing them through without delay. Even if you will wager just a part of it, it will be a good start.

Other terms

Bonus terms may include other crucial points that are worth paying attention to. For instance, bets on particular games are not added to the wagering amount, even if these titles refer to the game type that has a 100% contribution. And otherwise, only certain games may be available to play with the received free spins. In some cases, residents of certain countries are not allowed to activate bonuses.

Naturally, casino clients can be deprived of using promotions in case they violate the rules. Thus, the creation of multiple accounts and getting several identical bonuses is considered to be cheating.

Playing with bonuses only is prohibited as well. In the latter case, casino offers may become unavailable for you. However, you will probably be allowed to use them again after you play with your funds for a while.

1Red Promotions

Now, the most exciting part comes. Let us tell you about the terrific promotions that 1Red has launched for its clients.

Welcome Bonus

A 100% match bonus of up to €6,000 and 100 free spins is available to gamblers in the 1Red online casino. Just insert the ONERED coupon code and deposit €20 or more.

You have a whole week to activate the promotion, and the same time is provided to play it through. The 1Red welcome offer has a standard wager of x40. The upper limit for bets when playing through is €1.

Please keep in mind that free spins are credited in equal portions for five days.

Daily Cashback

The 1Red casino team has decided to provide you with the best casino promotion. Our casino clients can receive cashback daily, on all deposits they make. You don’t need to wait for a certain day, search for promo codes or count which deposit it is. Just sign up and enjoy our offer!

You can receive 5% of your payments or more as cashback. The rate depends on the sum you replenish your account with. The maximum percentage you may get is 20%.

And here are all the terms you need to know. As mentioned before, we don’t hide anything from you, everything is fair.

After cashback is received, it can be activated within three days. You must play it through three times within seven days after activation.

The minimum deposit amount to activate the promo is €20. Please keep in mind that all inbound payments must be wagered three times. Deposits that bring you cashback must be played through the same day you make them. We had to impose this restriction as a part of our anti-fraud policy. Finally, at least €20 must be lost during wagering.

If all the requirements are met, you get your cashback at 00:10 AM (UTC) the very next day.

VIP Program

Our VIP program differs from those in most online casinos. It might be called unique since it increases your cashback percentage. Thus, VIP clients can receive up to 20% of their deposits as bonus cash.

You get your first status the moment you join 1Red. Each of the next five levels improves your maximum cashback rate by one percent. For example, if you have just become a 1Red client and deposit €3,500, you will receive a 13% cashback. Then, you replenish your account balance with €6,000 and get a 15% cashback.

Now, let’s imagine a casino client who is on the fourth level in the loyalty program does the same. In the first case, they will be credited 13% back as well. However, in the second situation, they will receive 18% of their payment back as cashback.

You must wonder how you can increase your status. There is only one very pleasant way to do that. You need to deposit and gamble!

All your account replenishments are rewarded with complimentary points. When the total of your deposits and, consequently, your CP number exceed a certain point, you proceed to the next level. Your maximum cashback percentage increases.


1Red holds tournaments constantly. Our promo campaigns include events organized by 1Red and software providers.

Players bet on games they like, and their stakes are exchanged for points. Nicknames of the gamblers with the biggest scores appear on the top of the leaderboard. When the event is over, prizes are handed out. Hundreds of euros and free spins are shared among a few leaders regularly.

Surely, there are some conditions that casino clients should take into consideration. Tournaments have different wagering requirements, although they are often low. Some prizes go without a playthrough, while others may have a rollover of x3.

In addition, winning points are credited for betting on certain games. The 1Red casino indicates the lists of participating games right under the terms and leaderboards. When you participate in the in-house events, they often allow participants to play all the games of a certain category.

However, you don't need to search for this information on the 1Red casino website. We attach the terms of every tournament to the corresponding page. It is convenient and allows you to learn everything you need within a minute.


A lottery is a nice option for all players. On replenishing your account, you can obtain one or several tickets. Their price decreases in inverse proportion to the deposit amount.

Every ticket might appear to be a winning one. Money prizes have a small x3 wager if you buy tickets on the 1Red casino site.

Profit daily with 1Red

As you can see, we don’t hide anything from our clients. We have explained all the terms and nuances you should know. This comprehensive guide will allow you to benefit from any promotion and not get disappointed.

Moreover, we have told you in detail about our marvelous offers. The 1Red online casino provides top promotions that are activated automatically and don’t require any coupon codes.

Thus, you can replenish your account, play the best games of your choice, and get cashback. Along with tournaments and a lottery, it is available all the time, regardless of the day of the week.

The only exception is the massive welcome bonus that will satisfy any new gambler. However, we have indicated the promo code wherever it is possible, including this text. So, you are unlikely to miss it.

We care about our casino clients and provide the best gambling service. Stay with us and activate our amazing promotions if you like top games, top bonuses, and top casinos.

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