Cashback Statuses

1Red proudly presents its unique loyalty program.

In our casino, your status in the program determines your maximum cashback level.

Everyone starts at 5% on the very first level. By progressing through the levels, you can unlock the 20% cashback on all deposits!
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Level 1
Cashback up to 15%
0-18.000 CP
Level 2
Cashback up to 16%
18.001-36.000 CP
Level 3
Cashback up to 17%
36.001-54.000 CP
Level 4
Cashback up to 18%
54.001-72.000 CP
Level 5
Cashback up to 19%
72.001-90.000 CP
Level 6
Cashback up to 20%
90.000+ CP
Sorry isn't available in your region.